Jake Aldridge – ‘Fireman’


Jake Aldridge is somebody who puts his heart into the music he creates. The way he captivates the listener with his confident lyrics and emotional themes contained within his music. Aldridge has been building a strong head of steam thus far. He has gone to number 1 on Zone Radio’s Top 40 Charts, regular airtime on Play Boy TV and featuring on Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing Mixtape.

With ‘Fireman’ the rapper collaborates with singer-songwriter Lisa Ambrose, who won Battle of the Bandstands, which is presented BBC Radio 1’s Rob the Bank. The essence of the song is really the story behind it. ‘Fireman’ is all about losing somebody you love in life. Aldridge unfortunately knows this all too well. He lost his father when he was age 11; the song has a strong emotional impact that can really reap through the listeners once they are aware of this personal tragedy.

Originally not having a musical bloodline, he got into after his father’s death as a form of therapy. You can see how he became a skilled and well crafted lyricist with ‘Fireman’ as they flow smoothly and the evidence of mastering rap is there.  The track is produced to a high standard; it is ballad-esque RnB fused with hip-hop. Lisa Ambrose gracefully holds her own in the unforgettable chorus. Aldridge finds peace in being able to express his personal feeling within his music; it’s similar to his inspiration of Tupac Shakur and Dr.Dre.  If he is able to carry on being produced by Bristol based Ninety II, then we can expect a polished catalogue of songs.

Stream ‘Fireman’ here: https://soundcloud.com/jakealdridge/jake-aldridge-fireman-feat-lisa-ambrose






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‘Run’ by Tony Banks

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‘Run’ is the infectious new track from Brooklyn musician Tony Banks, who fuses a potent combination of house, dance and hip-hop that is carving his own space in the music industry.

EarthTone and JwlB also feature on the track, where Tony exhibits some of his best raps alongside a pulsating beat that echoes the title of the song.

Tony is an artist who takes inspiration from all over the musical world, but most notably, Missy Elliot, Michael Jackson and Andre 3000. As a result, Banks has formed a style like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Tony himself describes his sound as ‘Move ya feet, feel good’ music and it is easy to see why upon listening to ‘Run’.

‘Run’ is taken from Tony’s upcoming EP, Yes Homo.







‘A Film We All Saw’- Adam Lanceley

Pop, Rock

Taken from his upcoming EP, Back To The Sunshine, ‘A Film We All Saw’ shows Adam at his very best: lilting guitar lines, punchy vocals and an unequivocally summery feel.

Whilst that ‘West Coast’ vibe has always been a part of Adam’s style, it is best represented on the new track with the laid-back tone of the guitar.

Having previously released 5 albums, Adam is a prolific songwriter, always wanting to pen his feelings down through the medium of music. Now, with his latest EP, he is donating all proceeds to the Brain and Spine Foundation – a charity that means an awful lot to Adam as he sustained severe head injuries at a young age in a car crash. Since then, he has gone on to run the London Marathon in aid of the charity.

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Corinna Jane: ‘Echoes of My Mind’

Pop, Rock

‘Echoes of My Mind’ is the new single from Corinna Jane, a talented young singer-songwriter based in Northampton.

Having grown up in the MTV generation where all kinds of music was easily accessible to young people, Corinna has developed her own unique style amongst the saturated state of popular music. This is something Corinna feels strongly about, the fact that pop music seems to have lost its melody and so she combats this by writing a style of pop-rock that is led by her killer vocals and traditional, yet well crafted instrumentation.

There’s no sound effects or samples here – Corinna is all about proper music and helping people remember what this really is.

‘Echoes of My Mind’ contrasts in nature to her previous release, ‘Three Faces of You’, exhibiting a much more stripped back Corinna with her vocals and the piano playing the starring role. It’s a track with a dark ambience to it, reflecting on the end of a previous relationship, consequently displaying a very personal experience of Corinna’s that makes for quality songwriting.

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Upcoming musician and producer M3staken merges classical, electronic and hip-hop styles in ‘Apex’.


Upcoming artist and music producer M3staken (M3) releases his new soundtrack album titled ‘Apex’. The 8-track collection of instrumental hip-hop features original productions with an experimental twist. Taking inspiration from the likes of Joey Bada$$, FKA Twigs and Jamie xx, M3’s unique style fuses classical, hip-hop and electronic styles.





AT-ATs On The Beach: Downtempo Chillout Connoisseurs

Electronica, Experimental

LA based electronic production team AT-ATs On The Beach (ATATOTB) are releasing their debut EP which aims to escape the electronic music cliché, whilst infusing dance beats and heavy bass lines. Maintaining a unique approach to the process of music creation, ATATOTB delivers a new experimental style that reflects their ambition and experimentation as artists. Featuring remixes of Elton John, Rolling Stones, Eagles and original mixes, the debut EP sets the group apart from the rest.

Previously working under the name of ‘InFiction’, they focused on creating original electronic music which took inspiration from their backgrounds as film editors and producers. In the past, they have written scores for films such as Black Swan, The Thing, The Last Exorcism and Wrath of the Titans and are known for their edgy theatrical remixes and melodies crafted specifically for the downtempo, chill community.

With ATATOTB, a new era of downtempo house has landed in the world of electronic music. This experimental mix of theatrical themes, rhythmic beats and other instrumentation are a few things that make this innovative group stand out from the crowd.

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Jodie H. Dunn: ‘I Belong In Hell’


Young, but super-talented singer-songwriter Jodie H. Dunn has transformed her emotional ballad ‘I Belong In Hell’ into an expertly crafted dark pop track with the help of producer Andy Whitmore at Greystoke studios.

Jodie is on her way up now that she has produced her first professionally recorded track, but it hasn’t always been easy for her. She signed to an unknown label who ended up giving her big issues; they even tried to fine her family over a contract dispute. At a young age, you can see how this might have put Jodie off making music, but she has remained resolute, even through tougher challenges.

During her school years, Jodie was subjected to severe cases of bullying which escalated so seriously, she was forced to move schools during her exams. In lieu of this, songwriting has always acted as a release for Jodie. From a young age she would sing in the garden and the playground, then evolving her passion as she got older towards creating her own compositions.

However, the bullying then developed onto social media, giving Jodie no real escape. After studying at the Academy of Music and Sound, music became Jodie’s diary whereby she expressed her emotions via her lyrics. Her songs have progressively got more meaningful, leading to ‘I Belong In Hell’ based on the idea of someone controlling you at your lowest point.

‘I Belong In Hell’ was written and performed by Jodie H Dunn and produced by Andy Whitmore, who has worked with major names such as Elton John, Peter Andre and Danni Minogue.