Words & Noises’ Chris Selman records Solidarity as a tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting


Chris Selman of Words & Noises fame has released a tribute song in honour of the victims and loved ones of the mass-shooting in Orlando.

Solidarity was released on music streaming service SoundCloud on June 15. The emotional tribute features lyrics such as: “Why would you hate us, for being born a certain way?” and “You will only unite us, we’ll stand shoulder to shoulder across the land.”

Described by BBC Introducing as “One of the best songwriters we’ve heard” Chris took to Twitter prior to releasing Solidarity:

“I didn’t write a thinkpiece about the recent tragic events in Orlando. Instead, over the last 24hrs I wrote and recorded a reaction song – Solidarity (listen here). It’s all home recorded/quickly put together so a little rough around the edges. And I’m pretty nervous/terrified to share it with you all…

Thank you Luke Thornhill for allowing me to use your artwork.”

You can listen to Solidarity here:

Words Connor Savigar

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